Buy a Brick?

The Fundraising Committee’s Summer Challenge to the congregation is to raise funds for the Steeple Restoration Fund.  Donation envelopes are available after Sunday morning worship, or from the Church Office.

The idea is to buy one or more “bricks” for £1 each.  Don’t worry, we’re taking about virtual bricks here – no blocks of fired clay will actually be delivered to your house (or, for that matter, to the church, since it’s a stone-built tower).

You can buy as many or as few “bricks” as you like: every pound will be gratefully received.  One-off donations are welcome, but remember, you can take all summer to use your envelope to collect spare change if that’s what you prefer to do.

However you choose to use your envelope, please return it to the church with your donation by the 28th of August.  We’d appreciate if you would mark the envelope with your name and address, and if you’re giving by Gift Aid don’t forget to include your postcode.