Foodbank Requirements at Harvest Thanksgiving

On Sunday 25th September 2016 we celebrate Harvest Thanksgiving at Troon Old.  This ancient festival recognises God’s providence in our lives, our traditional response being the giving of harvest gifts of food and produce which are then distributed to the elderly and needy in the community.

Since not everyone grows their own produce or makes their own jam, for several years now, our congregation has celebrated Harvest Thanksgiving by donating harvest gifts of various specified types.  This year the options are:

  • Donations of money to be sent to Farm Africa
  • Donations of food to South Ayrshire Foodbank
  • Gifts of flowers to be passed to Westbank Nursing Home
  • Gifts of fresh fruit and vegetables to be passed to the Fishermen’s Mission

As a distribution point for South Ayrshire Foodbank, we know the needs it meets in our own community of Troon and district.  We are also aware that, at the moment, the Foodbank is handing out more food than it is receiving, and stocks are running low.  So, if you are thinking about donating food to the Foodbank, please check the list below for particular items requested at this time:

Tinned Vegetables
Tinned Fruit
Tinned Custard
U.H.T. Milk

Tins of Cold Meat

Diluting Juice