Giving to Troon Old

We give money to make a difference
to the life of our community
to the life of our nation
to the life of our world
by sharing the Gospel
through the worship, fellowship,
mission and service
of the Church.

Our giving helps to provide parish ministry throughout Scotland, including our own Minister; it helps to maintain and develop our buildings for the life and service of our congregation; it helps beyond our community in the national and global work of the Church of Scotland.

Our Church provides worship and fellowship, services for baptisms, weddings and funerals, a centre for children and young people to grow in Christian faith, a home for our Church groups and a place for community groups to meet.

How To Give As Effectively As Possible

Some thoughts…

Gift Aid – 25% Extra Free?  That’s a good deal!

For every £1 you give, the Church can claim back 25p from HM Revenue & Customs.  If you are a taxpayer, this is definitely the best option to make your offering work as hard as possible.  Remember, you don’t have to be working to be a taxpayer – UK tax paid on savings interest, pensions, investment or rental income and capital gains all counts.

You can still put your offering in the weekly freewill offering envelopes if you wish, or use a standing order.  Unfortunately, cash put into the open plate cannot be attributed to you for Gift Aid purposes.

Simply download and complete our Gift Aid Declaration.
Return your completed form(s) to the Freewill Offering Convenor via the Church Office.

Standing Order

Many people already use standing orders to pay regular amounts such as power, council tax, insurance, etc.  So why not fill in the Standing Order form and we will send it back to your bank for you?  That way, you can be sure you never forget to make your offering – even if you haven’t managed to get to Church.

Whether or not you are using Gift Aid, a standing order is an ideal way of giving to the Church and assures us of regular income.

Simply download and complete our Standing Order Mandate.
Return your completed form(s) to the Freewill Offering Convenor via the Church Office.

Weekly Freewill Offering Envelopes

These special envelopes help you to set aside your offering on a weekly basis, and remind you to give for any week you can’t get to Church.  You can use them to give through Gift Aid.

Request Weekly Freewill Offering Envelopes from the Freewill Offering Convenor.

Steeple Restoration Fund Pink Envelopes

If you would like to make a regular donation dedicated to the restoration of our “Old Church” steeple (aka the Clock Tower), you can request and use pink envelopes.  Any donations made in this way are also treated as Gift Aid if you have a Gift Aid declaration in place.

Just a thought: if you give by Standing Order but don’t like to “pass the plate” on a Sunday morning, why not request a set of pink envelopes so you have something to drop in, while still getting all the benefits of Gift Aid?

Request Pink Envelopes from the Freewill Offering Convenor.


Finally, if you’ve made a will, or are thinking about it, why not consider leaving a legacy to the Church?  It’s exempt from inheritance tax and whether it’s a little or a lot, you’ll know that you are benefiting the ongoing work of Troon Old.