The Kirk Session

As a Church of Scotland parish and congregation, Troon Old is governed by a court called the Kirk Session.

The Kirk Session consists of the Minister and a number of Elders, who meet regularly to oversee the smooth running of the congregation.  The Minister and Elders also have a pastoral role, looking after the spiritual welfare of church members.

The Kirk Session is accountable to a higher court – the Presbytery of Ayr – and to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.  The Church of Scotland website has a good explanation of this presbyterian system of government.

Charity Trustees

Troon Old, like other Church of Scotland congregations, is deemed to be a charity, so the Kirk Session are also considered to be the charity’s trustees.


Kirk Session meetings are open to all, except for some rare occasions when sensitive matters must be discussed in private.

Troon Old Parish Church Kirk Session, photo taken 30 October 2016

The Kirk Session of Troon Old Parish Church, 30 October 2016 (click to enlarge)

Back Row (left to right):  Lynn Ferguson, Judith Wilson, John Caldwell, Moira Garven, Sheila Sweet, Nan McKinnell, Alastair Crabb, David Reid, Carol Clark, Andy Hamilton, Julie Neal, Tom Bonnes, Martin Cheyne, Joy Allan, Robin Doak
Middle Row:  Brian Duncan, Laura Burnside, Douglas McCreath, Angus Godden, Sheila Currie, Iain McColl, Jean Morman, Elizabeth Magee, Aileen Galloway, Marion Hamilton, Sheila Thomson, Margaret Bonnes, Colin Irvine, Jim Pirrie, Anne Holmes, David Clark, Morar Blair, Sandra Pirie, Jean Parker, Catriona O’Dwyer, Tom Robb, Moira Simpson, Murray Wilson
Front Row:  Lesley MacInnes, Elizabeth McAughtrie, Jim Edgar, Drew Lennie, Hugh Calderwood, Graham Sweet, Andy Fell, Aileen Fraser, Rev Dave Prentice-Hyers, Rev Rona Young, Alec Cowan, Eleanor Butchart, Tommy Whitelaw, Isabel Smith, Jean Lawson, Anne McCulloch

Not in Picture:  David Bone, Mhairi Boyd, Ann Caldwell, Joan Duncan, Adrian Eddolls, David Gordon, Linda Gordon, Brian Johnston, Billy McCall, Robin McEwan, Alex Miller, Harry Russell, Anne Shelley