Meet Our New Locum

Gillean Richmond has been designated as Locum for Troon Old Parish Church and Portland Parish Church with effect from 1st September.  Locum roles are generally 2.5 days per week, so with the need for a Locum at both churches Gillean has agreed to cover both congregations, making her role effectively full time.

Gillean is just about to complete her probationary period under the supervision of Rev Dr Scott McKenna (minister at Ayr St Columba) and will be ordained in early September.  She is married with three sons, her husband is a department head at Wellington School, and Gillean was a dentist before answering her call.

With Gillean taking up the Locum role this September the Kirk Session has agreed to joint services with Portland for the months of July and August.  This enables the procurement of pulpit supply for both congregations over these summer months when availability will be short.

What follows after these months is still under discussion.

Services will take place at Portland for the month of July and at Troon Old for the month of August.

Services will commence at 10:30am as per normal.