Midweek Meditation 26 August 2020

Midweek Meditation for the 26th of August

Midweek Meditation 26th August 2020. "Exodus 3 - I am has sent me to you - Where are you being called?"
“I am has sent me”
God is calling you towards that self-emptying cruciform love that leads to real-life: here, now and beyond forever!
Moses struggled with God’s call.
All through the exodus from Egypt,
Moses struggled.
In the wandering through the desert,
Moses struggled.
God was and is faithfulness.
Not on our terms. Not in our time.
I am who I am, God says.
Each morning, Each moment, God is calling to you.
God is calling you to live into that divine image within you.
God is calling you to lay down the burdens we need carry no longer.
It’s not easy, and you will struggle.
So remember:
God does not call the equipped; God equips the called.
and You bear of the very image of God within you.
So where are you being called this day, this moment?
Just say “I am has sent me”