Midweek Meditation 5 August 2020

A midweek prayer based on Matthew 14:

Jesus Christ,
you know what it is to be afraid
and when you saw your friends soaked and
scared, you came to them.
While you were on your way,
you called to them
telling them it was okay to be afraid,
that you were with them on the water.
When Peter shouted out,
so excited and courageous, you invited him to
step out — not to prove his faith
but to share your love.
And when the fear started
to beat harder in his heart
and his feet got wet with the waves,
you reached out your hand,
loved him,
and together you walked back to the boat.
Remind us that we are always safe with you.
Challenge us to make more safe places for each
other especially when we see other people scared.

-dbph from Spill the beans issue #35