Online Worship 14 February 2021

Transfiguration Sunday

Rev Mary Elizabeth Prentice-Hyers and Rev Dave Prentice-Hyers


Welcome to this online joint service of worship with Portland Parish Church (the video goes live at 9:15am on Sunday).



The Lord’s my Shepherd (Psalm 23/Irvine/Grant) – Troon Old Parish Church and Portland Parish Church Virtual Choir

Mark 9: 2-9 – Bill Duncan


Visual Poem
Wait For It
music by Shellee Layne Coley, poem by Kelly Ann Hall

Recreation work can get dark, My loves—
Light so sparse it takes willingness to catch a glimmer.

It is not a comfortable time and space,
and though you may not recognize Me,
I AM in it, waiting alongside you.
Speaking your eyes wide open,
illuminating faces, guiding Lights,
scattering flickers of hope
and traces of warmth not only to sustain you…

but lead you by your willingness
to holiness embodied,
where we can reflect one another, altered—
Me wearing your humanity, You hosting My divinity.

It sounds too good to be true, but I tell you…
you will discover unmistakeable beauty
in unmade-up places.

Wait for it.



Wait For It – (used with permission)



If any of your family, friends and neighbours don’t have internet access, please let them know they can listen to an edited version of this online worship via our Dial-a-Podcast service.  Telephone 01292 434504 (local call from Troon).