Stamp Appeal 2017

This year’s World Mission Council Stamp Appeal will support The Giffen Institute of Theology (GIT) in South Sudan.

The Giffen Institute of Theology (GIT) of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS) needs books.  Having recently relocated to Kakuma, a refugee camp in Kenya, GIT is looking to stock up its library for students.  This year’s stamp appeal will help do just that.

GIT was established in 1974 by the PCOSS.  It plays a significant role in training people for ministry.  However, South Sudan has suffered terrible violence and war in recent years, and GIT has been forced to relocate twice.  Resources, including books, were lost or destroyed during this tumultuous time.

The Institute not only provides valuable education for students, but supports those who have fled from war through providing training on concentration, and activities encouraging reconciliation between students from different tribes.

Help us to support our partner, the PCOSS, through collecting your used stamps which are sold to make money for much needed resources.

Here in Troon Old, just drop as many stamps as you can remember to save into the collecting box in the Hall Corridor (or Church Office).

Please leave a 1cm margin round each stamp so the stamp itself isn’t damaged when tearing it off the envelope.