Stamp Appeal 2018

This year the World Mission Council Stamp Appeal will support centres for young people with learning difficulties and disabilities in the Ukraine.

These centres are supported by our partners the Ukrainian Reformed Church in Transcarpathia, and provide valuable support to children and young people who are living with disabilities.  Thanks to the centres, young people are given the opportunity to thrive, to make friends, and to take part in a range of activities.  Therapists who work at the centre offer either individual or group therapies, which include educational activities (writing and reading), massages, games, music, craft work, walks and games.  The families of the young people are also given support, and an opportunity to meet other parents who are caring for a child or young person with a disability.

There are three centres in total, with approximately 50 children and young people receiving support.  The centres are open five days a week, although the fifth day is set aside for programme planning and support for parents.  A special programme for teenagers is held once a week, providing opportunities to socialise and enjoy a range of activities.

Sadly, there is little support for people living with disabilities in the Ukraine.  This means that many children and young people with disabilities do not have the facilities they need to reach their full potential.  The Ukrainian Reformed Church is convinced that each of these children can participate fully in society, if they are given the care and education they need.  Having access to these centres means that these young people are given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Help us to support our partner, the Ukrainian Reformed Church, through collecting your used stamps which are sold to make money for much needed resources.

Here in Troon Old, just drop as many stamps as you can remember to save into the collecting box in the Hall Corridor (or Church Office).

Please leave a 1cm margin round each stamp so the stamp itself isn’t damaged when tearing it off the envelope.